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Visit the OptumRx® Mail Service Pharmacy website to order a new prescription or request refills and have them delivered right to your mailbox.

UnitedHealthcare® MedicareRx for Groups (PDP)

Getting started with OptumRx®

It's easy to get started.

By phone.

Call OptumRx at 1-888-216-4085 (TTY 711), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please have your medication name and physician's telephone number ready when you call. They can get you set up with home delivery right over the phone.

Or by mail.

Complete an order form and mail it to OptumRx along with your written prescription(s).

Or by physician.

Have your physician's office call 1-800-791-7658 with your prescriptions, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. CT/CST, Monday - Friday, excluding certain holidays, TTY 711 or fax them to 1-800-491-7997 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How the Preferred Mail Service Pharmacy Works
  1. Your order enters their fulfillment system.
  2. A pharmacist reviews your information for drug interactions, allergies and dosage.
  3. After your prescription is dispensed, another pharmacist reviews your medication for accuracy.
  4. Your medication is sealed and placed in a confidential, tamper-evident package.
  5. Your prescriptions are mailed to you and you are notified when they have been shipped.

For more information, visit

  • Check the status of your Mail Service Pharmacy order.
  • Find medications and low cost alternatives covered by your plan.
  • Set up text message notifications to remind you to take your medicine.
  • Refill prescriptions when your medications are running low.

You are not required to use OptumRx to obtain a 90-day supply of your maintenance medications, but you may pay more out-of-pocket compared to using OptumRx, your plan’s preferred mail service pharmacy. Prescription orders sent directly to OptumRx from your doctor must have your approval before OptumRx can send your medication. This includes new prescriptions and prescription refills. OptumRx will contact you, by phone, to get your approval. At that time you may also tell OptumRx to automatically fill any future prescriptions they receive directly from your doctor(s) for up to one year. If OptumRx is unable to reach you for approval your prescription will not be sent to you.

Refunds may be available for prescriptions you did not approve and did not want. You may request a refund or cancel your approval by calling OptumRx at 1-800-791-7658, TTY 711, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

New prescriptions should arrive within ten business days from the date the completed order is received by the Mail Service Pharmacy. Completed refill orders should arrive in about seven business days. OptumRx will contact you if there will be an extended delay int he delivery of your medications.

OptumRx is an affiliate of UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company.